Monday, June 22, 2009

Lack of Humility

The Seventeen Evidences of a Lack of Humility

The Servant of God, Blessed Josemaria Escriva once compiled an inventory of pride so exhaustive that it is like something written on the shield of a soldier who has learned it all in true combat. Saint John Vianney (Cure of Ars) wrote the same thing in shorthand when he signed his name to a clerical petition. His fellow priests circulated a petition accusing St. Vianney of sensationalism, ignorance, and ostentatious poverty and austerities. As it was addressed to all clergy, St. Vianney got a hold of it, read it, and promptly signed it. By 1834 the local priests themselves were going to St. Vianney for confession.

The seventeen evidences of a lack of humility are:

1. To think that what one says or does is better than what others say or do

2. To always want to get your own way

3. To argue with stubbornness and bad manners whether you are right or wrong

4. To give your opinion when it has not been requested or when charity does not demand it

5. To look down on another's point of view

6. Not to look on your gifts and abilities as lent

7. Not to recognize that you are unworthy of all honors and esteem, not even of the earth you walk on and things you possess

8. To use yourself as an example in conversations

9. To speak badly of yourself so that others will think well of you or contradict you

10. To excuse yourself when you are corrected

11. To hide humiliating faults from your spiritual director, so that he will not change the impression he has of you

12. To take pleasure in praise and compliments

13. To be saddened because others are held in higher esteem

14. To refuse to perform inferior tasks

15. To seek to stand out

16. To refer in conversation to your honesty, genius, dexterity, or professional prestige

17. To be ashamed because you lack certain goods

:::sigh::: I think I've got to make copies of this. I wish I could just download this to my mind. Upgrade... viola!


Amy Caroline said...


seriously, thank you for posting this. These are truly food for thought.

regan said...

what a great way to start a monday shelly. thanks for helping me with that beam in my eye(it's a good thing that it's not SO big that i couldn't read this post!) :)

Megan said...

Well unlike you I don't need these uploaded to my brain seeing as I'm so perfect! But it was very nice of you to post them for all your other readers!

Shelly said...

haha, megan!! LOL

Aussie Therese said...

oh dear. I need to learn a few of those.

Elizabeth said...

I'm with Amy Caroline....ACK!!!

I really have to get back to praying the Litany of Humility
Thanks & Pax.

Ginny said...

I think I need to copy this and print it. My goodness, thanks for posting it.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I think you were trying to hint something to me when you posted that one. That wasn't very nice of you. Here, let me tell you why I think I am awesomer than you think I am and give you some advice about what you SHOULD post about next time...

Sara said...

Printing that out and posting it on the kitchen cabinet. It will look like it's meant for someone else, but it's really meant for me. Of course, who wouldn't benefit from it?

Shelly said...

absolutely sara! everyone would benefit when i start applying these!!! LOL