Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dani's Party for Her Sis

Dani organized and threw a surprise party for Therese - and yes, this post is late... Dani keeps checking up on the blog saying, "you haven't posted the party yeeeeeeeeeeeett." :) She was very eager to throw a 'sleep-over' party for Therese and had it in the works probably back in April sometime. She had gently badgered me about it until I said yes. And I'm so glad I did. She did such a wonderful and thoughtful job.

She made the invitations, mailed them out, prepared activities, even went to the dollar store and bought decorations, goodie baskets/items, and gifts and used her own money. [ I'm really likin' this plan :-) ].

The Banner:
Mrs. Incredible and Dash [?]
A big-headed horse

Mike Wazowski

Daddy had taken Therese out and when she came back she found the place just waiting for her. She had this smile on the entire time!! She was glad to see her friend from the old neighborhood. It had been a long time since she last saw her. [that foldgers can in the bkgrd is my compost can - yes, I thought you should know]
Dani performed a magic show for the party girl and guests. She worked so hard practicing and all. Even down to the jokes and training little Sophia to start the clapping at the end of each performed trick!
"I heard the Invisible Man and the Invisible Woman got married...."

"...their kids aren't much to look at!" hahahhahahahahaha!!

Cake time! You can see the joy on Charlie's face. He's so very distraught because he wants to blow out the number 9 candle and Dani is holding him too far away. He knows it's no use. I think this is when he's realizing that fact. We also had to re-light the candle so that he could actually blow it out. I think Joseph got to it first :)

Make a Wish Therese! [Sophia....I see that!]A little swimming - before the rain came - a little movie - A Little Princess - and a lot of giggles - at bed time
Made for a great birthday party!
Thank you Dani!!! Not just for doing all that work, but for being that thoughtful and putting in all that love. Oh!!! I almost forgot! I'll have to post the card Dani made her as well! It's Therese's favorite and you'll see why!
[okay Dani, I stayed up until almost 1 AM doing this post... sacrifices, sacrifices]


Amy Caroline said...

What a wonderful big sister!

Happy Birthday!!!!

Regina said...

that is so cool. i wish i had a sister like that. . .and a daughter like that!

regan said...

i wish i had some big sister help for this party i am having tomm. and that invisible woman joke was great!

happy belated b-day to your girl! :)

Katherine T. Lauer said...

What an amazingly generous big sister! WOW!!!

regan said...

i forgot to say how much i LOVE that mike wacowski (spelling?) shelly, you MUST embroider that. trace it lightly onto a piece of white cotton fabric and embroider it using the same colors. it will be easy. but you absolutely must memorialize that drawing. and any of the other cute ones from that little poster!
i expect to see it posted in your blog. you will fall in love with embroidery and so will your girls.
(sorry for being so bossy)
checklist: fabric, hoops, floss, and needles.
just FYI.

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