Saturday, October 4, 2008


Here are some pictures I took at the beekeeper's place on Wednesday. They're just of the kids so I decided to put them in a separate post. I'm so glad I decided remembered to bring my camera with me. I'm usually the one to forget it - gee, I don't know why!

Now keep in mind that these are pretty much pictures of the boys [and of those boys, pretty much Charlie - I don't really need to explain, do I?] ;) - the girls were the ones really paying attention to the goings on of the demonstration and such. So that's why it's just the boys.
Joseph was so darn cute/sweet patiently waiting his turn on the swing.
I love this picture - how he's holding his arms up in a bit of excitement. Right after this he asked if he could please have a turn. He got his turn! Many turns! And it was a proud moment for me seeing how good he was about handing it on to the next kid in turn ;)

I'll have to find out from Jessica exactly how she gets these pictures centered/moved! I decided to add some pictures from our Sunday afternoon at Dani's softball practice. This is not the norm, but she was asked to play in a tournament this wknd - so they had to find a time to practice. We went a half hour north on a gorgeous - and a bit warm - Sunday afternoon.

There are lots of shots I included for a certain someone - who I know misses these guys greatly!

There are actually more photos - i started another post, but something happened while I was uploading some pictures and I just thought 'heck with it, I'll finish later". So there are more.

I had to laugh at Paul's little comment in the comment box. I called him [he's OoT] and told him that at least it's a small picture ;)


PLD Consulting said...

Why do you feel it necessary to always post the most unflattering shots of me?

Shelly said...

hahaha!! it's cute! poser!

Regina said...

i agree, you look young (at heart) ;)

Jessica said...

Super Cute pictures!!

(I am thinking the problem is with the width of your column... Mine is wider than normal, so that might be why it works?)

Karrot's Blog said...

I love the pic of you paul-y-wog!
you are too cute!
just one of the boys!