Friday, October 31, 2008

Message of Boldness

Randall TerryFounder Operation Rescue
Dear Catholic Friend: TIME IS SHORT--SO WE MUST ACT NOW.
We are in the final days of this election -- one that will decide whether millions of innocent children live or die.And just in time, we have been given a tool that could derail Obama's campaign. A radio ad -- by a Catholic Bishop -- that specifically says a Catholic cannot vote for Obama in good conscience!!!Hear the ad at (Just make sure you read this whole letter, because we have more political weapons for you to use!)
Obama is a radical pro-abortionist. In fact, he may be the most strident defender of child-killing to ever run for any federal office.In case you didn't know: Obama voted against the "Born Alive Infant Protection Act," a law that would have stopped the practice of letting babies die in hospital closets if they survive an abortion attempt. He voted against the "Partial-Birth Abortion Act" that ended the horrific practice of brutally killing babies before delivering them completely.And he's vowed that his first act as President would be to sign the "Freedom of Choice Act," which could repeal every single state law against ANY restrictions on abortion-on-demand, throughout all nine months of pregnancy.Such unfettered support of child-killing is truly devilish.

Catholics are Lining Up to vote for ObamaBut in spite of Obama's horrifying support of killing the unborn, much more than half of America's Catholics (and almost as many Evangelicals) are prepared to vote for him. This is madness!But we now have a way to expose him, wake up the consciences of Catholics, and STOP OBAMA!

Bishop Gracida to the Rescue -- of Babies and Catholic MoralityRoman Catholic Bishop, Rene Henry Gracida, has given us 2 great radio spots -- one in English, one in Spanish.The exact words of the radio spot could not be clearer - and they could wake up and shake up Catholics who are planning to vote for Obama.
Bishop Gracida states:
"This is Bishop Rene H. Gracida, reminding all Catholics that they must vote in this election with an informed conscience. A Catholic cannot be said to have voted in this election with a good conscience if they have voted for a pro-abortion candidate. Barack Hussein Obama is a pro-abortion candidate." BOOM! DEAD ON! Could it be any clearer?!
Finally! There is a Bishop with the courage and the integrity to name Obama's name, and to tell the truth without fear. Bishop Gracida to the rescue! God bless him!
I hope you see how critical this ad is. Over half the Catholics in America are ready to vote for Obama -- and they have been deceived into thinking it is OK.Why are they deceived? Because most U.S. Bishops have feared saying the truth. Finally! We have one bishop with the heart of a lion!Now it is now OUR job to get this radio ad out far and wide! Will you help Bishop Gracida be a Prophet to the Church, and a prophet to the nation?You can listen to Bishop Gracida's ad right now. This ad could change hundreds of thousands - even millions of hearts - if it is heard. We MUST get it out.
Click here to listen to the
CLICK HERE TO HELP US GET THIS AD ON THE AIR NATIONWIDE:View Videos: for ads: https://secure.conservativedonations...hpac/?a=USERID OR YOU CAN PUT THE AD ON YOUR LOCAL RADIO STATION!!!
You can also contact your local radio station(s), buy 10 or 20 radio ads yourself, and they can simply download the audio file to play on their radio station. It is as easy as 1-2-3. You just call your radio station(s), tell them you want to buy an ad, and tell them to download the mp3 file from our web (If you have any questions, call us at 904-687-9804.)
NEXT: Help stop Obama from your Computer; Reach out to your PriestYOU can be in this fight, right from your computer!We have created four hard-hitting videos dealing with Barack Obama for you to watch and forward via email to your Priest and your Bishop.
You can see the videos at
WARNING: These videos are NOT suitable for small children! When you see the videos, you will see why they are so critical. One is for Catholic Bishops, and one for Catholic Priests. I'm asking you to watch them, and then send a personal letter from you, along with the video link to your Priest - BEGGING him to watch it. Then follow up with him, and ask if he watched it. Send him another email, call him, or talk to him in person -- WHATEVER IT TAKES. (By the way, we have one for evangelical ministers as well. If you know any evangelicals, send them the link for their pastor!)In these videos, I speak directly to clergy, urging them to tell their flocks plainly: No Christian can in good conscience vote for Obama. Watch these videos -- they are very short -- and you will see how they could reach your Priest -- no matter how fearful or "apolitical" he has been.
Then send the link to your friends, and beg them to forward it to THEIR Priest and friends. We can create a tidal wave of truth. If the clergy rise up and preach the truth, that alone could cause Obama's defeat!Remember: It is CRITICAL that you try to get a commitment from your priest to actually watch his respective video, and listen to the Gracida ad. If he watches it, and his heart is open to the Lord, it may be just what he needs to embolden him to preach the truth on the last Sunday before the election.This is the last Sunday left before the election - so do it right away!CLICK HERE TO HELP US SPREAD THESE VIDEOS ACROSS THE NATION:View Videos: for ads: https://secure.conservativedonations...hpac/?a=USERID

FINALLY... We have ONE MORE CHANCE to speak to millions of Americans through the MEDIA... on Monday, November 3!What we're doing is organizing Anti-Obama Demonstrations and Press Conferences.

We're calling it: Main Street -- Defeat Obama! As you may know, Obama keeps talking about "Main Street." But in reality, he does not represent Main Street values (unless we are talking about Main Street Sodom and Gomorrah.) On Monday, November 3, at 12:00 noon, Christians will gather on Main Street (or a main thoroughfare) in their own town, all across the country, holding signs along the road:"Main Street Unite: Defeat Obama!" And..."Main Street Unite: Obama is a dead end!" And..."Main Street Unite: Obama is a dead end for Children!" And..."Main Street: A Vote for Obama is a vote for dead babies!"
The Media are looking for last minute stories!

Let's give them one! You could lead an event like this in your town. We provide the exact details of what to do, as well as the press release for your community, and how to get the media out. Your simple to follow instructions, including a press release template are at:
Think of the impact we can have if pro-lifers in 50 or 75 cities are simultaneously standing along our "Main Streets" the day before the election, holding up signs saying, "Main Street Unite: Defeat Obama!"All you need is 5 or 6 people to join you, some posters, and a heart ready to stand strong for the babies, and for the Truth of God's word.If you get even a little media coverage, it will be a powerful way to declare the truth to thousands or millions in your media area.My final request - no - I beg you from the bottom of my heart: Please send a gift to help us right away.CLICK HERE TO HELP US GET THIS RADIO AD SPREAD ACROSS THE NATION:View Videos: for ads: https://secure.conservativedonations...hpac/?a=USERID
If you have been following our activities, you know we have been fighting with all our might to cause Americans to remember the babies in this life and death election.We are completely out of resources, completely out. And we have bills staring us in the face. In addition to distributing this radio ad, I want to keep sending these videos to clergy across the nation!I beg you - send whatever you can, as soon as you can. We are fighting our hearts out in these final days before the election.Look at these three battle fronts: 1) The radio spots from Bishop Gracida; 2) The videos to clergy; 3) The "Main Street Unite" press conference and demonstrations on Monday, November 3.Any one of these could be decisive in a swing state.If Obama is elected, history will blame the clergyWill you please join me, and do what you can? I hope to hear from you right away.Sincerely,Randall TerryFounder, Operation RescueP.S. On July 2, 1776, in orders sent to his officers explaining the war effort, General George Washington wrote, "The fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the courage and conduct of this army." The same is true of this present battle. We MUST stop Obama -- and now, we have been given the means to do so.Let us NOT miss this opportunity.I pray you will join us in at least one of these projects. And I beg you tohelp us financially. We have poured out everything for the Lord, and the babies.Please stand with us now. And please -- forward this letter to your friends, and join us in begging Our Lady of Guadalupe for her victorious intervention.
View Videos: for ads:https://secure.conservativedonations...hpac/?a=USERID As you will see, we have MANY tools for you to use in your home town in the final days.

For example: You could download and print,Faithful Catholic Citizenship: Based on the Gospel of Life from, and hand it out at your parish on Sunday.

Yes, this is long but if you view the videos it is URGENT! This blog is just one little avenue I have to get the word out - and many of you are "the choir", so to speak. But if you can pass this on as well - to your priests, bishops, and maybe even Evangelical friends.

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