Sunday, October 19, 2008

Movie Line Meme

Here's the deal. I thought about doing this meme while Paul and I were quoting movies back and forth last night - it's what we do ;)

The rules. You have to figure out which movie each quote is from. List your answers 1-10 on your post and then come up with your own movie lines. Then simply tag 3 people. I know, a little brain power is involved. Not as simple as posting a picture, but hopefully it'll be fun ;)

I'm choosing comedic quotes for mine, since those are the ones we quiz each other on 'round here.

Movie Line Meme

  1. "Turn me over, I'm done on this side!"
  2. "I like pizza."
  3. "220. 230. Whatever it takes."
  4. "Lake. Big lake!"
  5. "Well now your back's gonna hurt. You just pulled landscaping duty. Read the name're in my world now, grandma!"
  6. "Cue the deer."
  7. "Nice...nice manners, babe!"
  8. "Her last baby came out sideways....she didn't scream or nuttin' "
  9. "I eat pieces of **** like you for breakfast." "You eat **** for breakfast?"
  10. "The new phone books are here, the new phone books are here. I'm somebody!"

Some of these are easy, some are obscure. Let's see how many you can get. You can leave your answers in my comments too. I'm going to tag these folks, though the rules state you only need to tag 3:


There's a small huge chance that I may have mis-quoted. Don't hold it against me ;)


Kathleen said...

Ok, I took the challenge, check out my answers-- don't think I got 100%

It was fun!

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I saw some "Happy Gilmore" in there but I think there's a fair share of Adam Sandler all around. Am I right? I'll try to do this one after I do a monster post about our awesome day today.

Regina said...

only one i know is happy gilmore...#9

other than that i am stumped

Sara said...

I'm stumped, too. We must not watch the same movies. I'm going to have to work on my quotes all day long!

Anonymous said...
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Shelly said...

okay, Paula - first of all I just had a *feeling* you'd like this! Secondly, YOU ROCK!!! You got them all right - so i had to delete them from my comments. You need to put them on your post ;)
Can I tell you that I'm thoroughly impressed w/you getting #'s 2 and 6!!

Anonymous said...

Well, we do have the same taste in movies....great minds think alike...I'm writing mine now

Sarah Faith said...

Hey, is #2 from Multiplicity? I love that movie. Some of the other ones sound familiar but I can't place them. :-)

ChrisP said...

I think the only one I didn't get was "I like pizza." Otherwise, I pretty much aced this one. Best line was about the baby coming out sideways. What a great line!

Jessica said...

I am HORRIBLE with movie lines!! I didn't know any of them! :)

Jessica said...

OK! I played along... even though I didn't know any of your quotes... I wonder if you will know any of mine? :)

Amy said...

I don't know any of them!!! Sniffle.
Thanks for the tag, I finally got mine up! I worry they are too hard, so I gave a hint.