Tuesday, October 7, 2008

One of These Things...

...doesn't belong here - come on, can you guess which one?


Sara said...

My guess is: the last one. But it says it's Mary, so I'm not sure.

I tagged you for a game at my place.

Therese said...

I am going to guess the second one.

+JMJ+ said...

Been there...saw that...still gag.

Last one.

I have heard that LA church called the "Taj Mahony". It is very modern, more like a museum than a church, sadly.

Regina said...

i'll go with Guadalupe because she is 'Mexican' and you are a racist.
The 3rd is the best since it says Regina, though i really like that last one.

Jessica said...

Regina is hilarious!!

That is sad! I am gathering from jmj's comment that it is located in LA? Did you see the pictures of the new Oakland cathedral.. YIKES! Looks like they were trying to compete with LA.

Regina said...

more info here
http://www.olacathedral.org...click on art then bronze doors and it talks about it about halfway down. i am glad to know this depiction of Mary at least has hair.
those CA peeps are nutjobs