Friday, July 25, 2008

I've Got Nothin'

Seriously - nothin'. That's why I played around with my blog's format yesterday. I'm trying to think of something. Something interesting. Something not so interesting.

I'm selling books on Amazon. Wow. Making big bucks though.

Joseph just messed with my washing machine again. Have to start the whole thing over again. Not too happy right now.

I cleaned my bathroom. Yay.

Now I'm going to go tackle my ironing pile. I figure if I can iron at least 3 things per day [not really, but I'm doing the math], I figure I can get a handle on it. [Update at 2:10pm: I've done 2 shirts thus far - I'm determined to do more] [Another update at 1am - I only did 2 shirts :o( -- I need to go to bed!]

See. Not interesting in the least.


Karrot's Blog said...

This post reminds me of the card you gave me many years ago... it went something like:

'Ho hum, the many days we just sit and chat, this and that, stay with me still... they always will!'


Danette said...


I've wanted to write an insightful post for a really long time. I know what you mean about having nothing to say. I just told Tom yesterday that my kids haven't done anything outrageous lately for me to blog about, darn kids!

I love any updates though, keep them coming. And I am TOTALLY impressed that you iron anything at all!!!

Sarah Faith said...

The only time I iron is when I am sewing something. Stopped buying things I needed to iron. Or dry clean for that matter.
So, way to go. :-)

Vicki said...

The only good thing about ironing is not having to do it! I absolutely hate it and pretty much refuse to do it except in cases of emergency. Cleaners do shirts for about $1 and the dryer gets rid of wrinkles good enough for me.

Jessica said...

I HATE to iron... In fact, about every 6 months, I bribe my 16 year old twins sisters to come over and do it for me. Last year I told myself that if I got a new iron I might like it better... Now my excuse is that I need a new ironing board.. excuses excuses...

2 shirts isn't bad at all! :)

Ginny said...

I have sold lots of books on Amazon. They really take a lot of the cut, but if you sell enough you can make a good bit of money. Of course I turned around and spent everything I made on more books from Amazon.