Sunday, July 13, 2008


... may he Rest in Peace.

Wednesday we had to put Therese's hamster down. It was such a sad day for this little eight yr old animal lover - and so hard for her mother and older sisters to see her in such heartache.

Panda's leg swelled up like a balloon - seemed like overnight - and he was crying in pain. I prayed that he'd just 'go on his own', but that was not to be.

We found a vet's office who took in exotics [seems like anything other than a cat/dog is an exotic] - and they said there is nothing they could have done. After he was put to sleep they told me that it was indeed a tumor as opposed to an absess [which was just as bad - really no treatment for a hamster].

We opted for the "Take the Pet Home, Burial Package" [as opposed to "Group Cremation" - a little more money - or the "Private Cremation" - the most money....and yes, I'm serious.]

So yesterday was the burial. The entire family trekked to the backyard where Paul dug the hole, said a few words, we prayed an 'Ave', Therese and Dani threw their flowers on top of Panda's box, and then the 3 boys replaced the dirt. Done.

And if you're wondering why it took so long to bury him - 4 days: Wed. Therese wasn't 'ready' and it's been raining a lot here. So Saturday was chosen b/c the garage was smelling to high heaven. It was definitely time.

Therese has been coping well. She likes to hold Sophia's Fuzzy - who doesn't get held by Sophia, b/c she's afraid that it'll go potty on her.

I told Therese on Wednesday, "You just tell me when you're ready to get another hamster". She said later that night, "I'm ready". :o)


Danette said...

Oh! So sorry about Panda! May he rest in peace. It is sooo hard watching our little ones go through pain. At least they get over it quickly.

When I was taking our dog of almost 15 years to the vet to have her put down, the kids were petting her goodbye (as I was choking back tears). A minute later Sam was asking if we could get a puppy. I knew then that they would get over it.

Jessica said...

Oh! Your poor daughter. My 7 year old lost his fish, his "first pet EVER" after just a couple days and he was heartbroken too.

The Wades said...

Sad story. I just cringed when you said the leg was swollen and it was crying in pain. Yuck. You just don't hear that too often. Hope your daughter's heart is on the mend!

Shelly said...

Shelly [Wades] - it *was* awful! I was just about to jump ship with its cries. DH was out of town to boot! I went to bed with the bathroom fans on!