Thursday, July 3, 2008

This Just In...

Joseph the 3yo at the lunch table:


"I have thunder in my mouth!"

Fyi - he did say 'excuse me Mommy' :o)


The Wades said...

Hey--you're the fun, nice Shelly that Regina loves! :) (I'm annoying shelly that drives her crazy!)

Thanks for the "fun" wishes and stopping by. I've checked out your blog before and loved it. In fact, I downloaded music you had because I liked it so much. See, we never know how we affect another person. :)

We'll try and have fun with Regina abusing the heck out of me.

Talk to you soon.

Oh, and tell your son that the calves don't feel a thing! ;)

MamaJen said...


This reminds me of when my Alex was 3, and it was hot in the car one summer afternoon. He was sweaty, and announced, "I'm melting!"

I just love 3 year olds! :-)

Kimberly said...

Hello my dear blogger friend!
I am trying to get the word out that Melissa Hackney is in need of words of encouragement. I am asking people to send her letters, pictures, post cards, cards, etc.

I would like to flood her room with hundreds of these.

THank you in advanced! People can go to my blog for details. I added the link above.

Blessed be God forever!


Soutenus said...

That made me smile!! What a sweetheart.