Monday, July 28, 2008

Music Widget

Problems with my music playlist widget. I could never go back into it to change any music. My email and password didn't match and I've tried everything to get my password. From "we'll email you your password" to me emailing them detailing my dilemma. Never heard from 'em. Oh well.

So I went back to esnips. Now I have a new playlist - small, I know - and one of the songs actually skips! In my stupidity, I thought those days were gone. So now I don't know how to 'delete' that song and choose another in its place.

Enough of my ramblings. I actually had a point, though minute, to make with this post. A question actually....

Anyone know what soundtrack these songs are from?


Anonymous said...

I had made a account and uploaded the music onto my music player, and if you don't want to upload your own music,you can search on other users playlists and take any songs you want! It works for piczo,myspace,facebook,bebo etc at

Myspace Playlist

Shelly said...

thanks anonymous!

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Meet the Robinsons!
(I cheated, I asked Trina where these songs are from and she blurted it out! I wouldn't have known!)

Shelly said...

yeah. not too excited that you had to cheat though! LOL

That's our new favorite movie. I got it from Netflix on Friday and we've watched it everyday...even twice a day.