Thursday, February 25, 2010

Down on the Farm/Button Doll

Therese and Sophia went to a dear friend's birthday party a couple weeks ago.  The theme was Little House on the Prairie/Pioneer.  The little girls all dressed in period clothing.  It was so fun to see the different costumes each came up with - ours being thrown together that morning!

The girls painted walking sticks  & played many games - including marbles, Who's Got the Button,  and drop the clothespin in the milk bottle!

I have to say that the Ma - my sweet, dear friend - did such an amazing job with this party!  It was the talk amongst us all for a while - heck, it's still being talked 'bout!

Therese (standing)  having a chat in the party room  parlor with her great friend.  The girls are in a circle around one person to play "Who's Got the Button" -  the person in the middle closes her eyes, a button is put in the hand of one of the encircling girls, and once her eyes are open she has to guess who has the button.  It was very cute to see!  Giggles and smiles and giddiness!

This is when they each were in the middle being The Guesser. I can't remember how many times I heard, "You're peeeekiiiing!"  :)
A picnic for the feast of cake (in the shape of the Little House, I might add!)

 ~ Birthday girl in the middle ~
After presents... they danced!!  They had a blast! (I love Therese's lips.  I love Sophia's dimples!!)

Now to the button doll part of my post...

In the girls' goodie bags satchels included gifts of (going on memory here): marbles, old-fashioned candy, and a sweet craft.... Button Dolls

Therese and I (more I than Therese :::sigh::: -- "You can make a knot better than me." - plus lots of hot gluing... I burned my fingers.  I took on the suffering so she could have this doll!  LOL)... ahem.... Therese and I made hers today and here she is.... I believe her name is Meggie (from A Lion to Guard Us [great book btw, she LOVES it!!].... Meggie:

In the making...

Just be goofy today... like her!  It makes the heart lighter :)
And this is after I said, "Make a nice face."!


andeverythinginitsplace said...

what a cute idea!
my girl is really into the little house stuff right now.
we have the cookbook and sewing book and are working on projects from there.
your girls are so darling shelly!

have a blessed weekend!

The Wades said...

Fantastic idea for a party! I'll agree with the lips and dimples too. Beautiful girls.