Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love, True Love

i have so many of these shots...
late morning...
I bought my double-sided tape at my local grocery store and used silver thread which I already had on hand.  You know how you curl ribbon? - with open scissors.  I found that using that tecnique with a wooden skewer worked for these.  It gave the body of the heart more fullness.  The curly insides I just wrapped the paper tighter around the skewer, or pencil.  We did add beads to some of ours - at the bottom.  And I did use some fancy cuttin' scissors on a few.  Our living room windows have one hanging in each of the four dirty filthy windows.

Therese and I had fun putting these together. Seeing them move just so when a draft comes 'round.  They're peaceful in a way.
heart craft found here

Cookies, too, will be baked, frosted painted and eaten!  I'm not sure if I mentioned in my Christmas cookie post about my new bucket-o-cookie cutters, but it includes many different hearts.  We're looking forward to that!  I'm also going to do the clothespin heart craft - I bought some twine and my plans are to string it up and clip the heart pins to it and we can clip our Valentines to it or whatever our hearts desire!

I'm loving the thought of spring
and likewise, I'm loving that we have HEAT
I'm loving (the thought of) a clean house
I'm loving our hanging hearts
I'm loving my catchy blog song
I'm loving the chirping and chatting of the guineas
I'm loving the fact that I'm thinking of Lent a week before
I'm loving that everyone liked and ate their dinner tonight
I'm loving that we've had so many long years with our doggie, who is recently showing her age
I'm loving seeing my friends' babies being born here, there, everywhere ~ IRL and out in the blogosphere
I'm loving seeing my soon-to-be 5yo boy wear his medals I got him at the shrine (the only boy who wears them faithfully. every. single. day. !)
I'm loving Netflix Instant Watch
I'm loving a glass of (soon-to-be-refilled) red wine
I'm loving... the quiet

Until tomorrow... :)  When I'll be loving my vocation in full swing!!

What are you loving?


Amy Caroline said...

OH! I love those hearts!! I usually don't go all out for Valentine's but you are making me think otherwise. Plus, it is bout time I took down the snowflakes. Hearts might be in order!

Shelly said...

amy, I don't usually do *anything* for St. Valentine's as far as decorating goes - but we started making the hearts and b4 we knew it they were all over the schoolroom table! - so i felt we just had to finish the craft. and i'm glad we did!

regan said...

i love what you're lovin'....
great stuff.
those hearts are awesome!!!
i think we might have to make some of those.
a *toast* to you.
and your red wine!

Regina said...

i too am loving the hearts. and i am loving the header. you are quite the designer now ;)

Christine said...

I am loving your new blog look. I love your hearts. They can stay up forever!