Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Problem SOLVED!

Remember when I was complaining that I was having problems posting pictures on Blogger?  Well, I (with the aid of dh! - okay, mostly dh w/my ... input!  LOL) figured out what was going on.  Wanna know how much help BLOGGER was?  ZilchNadaNoodle! (movie/show/dvd?)

When was it that Blogger in Draft changed their image posting?  December maybe?  It was upsetting to me (!) - they had such a wonderful system for uploading photos.  Far superior to regular Blogger, as I put it.  Then... the change.  It was almost like I was back to using regular Blogger. 

Fast forward to last night...

I hunted down a helper in the Blogger Help forum (ha ha! - what help?) a few days ago.  I actually left a comment on her blog pleading with asking her to help me.  She was very prompt in gathering info from me. 

Nothing she asked me or offered really helped my situation, except the question if I was using New Editor or Old Editor. To be honest, I didn't know what that meant. 

At this same time (last night) I was reading her email,  Paul was on his computer ready to help me - tired of all my griping about my problems, I'm certain ;) - and came across an option of  "Updated Editor".  He changed the setting to this option seeing if this would help.  I tried posting in regular Blogger and was pleasantly surprised at the fact that the format looked a lot like Blogger in Draft!  I tried posting a picture, and was able to post it (WoW!!!).  Then I tried posting 4 photos... only one uploaded - Grrrrrr!  What is going on??

On one end of the spectrum I was so excited that the new editor was like my lovely Blogger in Draft with awesome image loading, the other end - I still couldn't post pictures!

Then Paul and I started investigating my Picasa account (which is linked to my blog - anyone using blogger and posts pictures has their images on Picasa).  To make a long story short, I went to STORAGE on my account and saw that I was at 100% (there are other issues with Picasa that I won't go into).  So the reason that I couldn't post pictures is because I didn't have any more free room. 

There are a couple different things you can do to rectify this problem.  With each blog you get 1GB free with Blogger/Picasa.  So, you can either create a new Blogger acct and transfer your current blog and keep enjoying free blogging.  Or you can do what I did and pay $5 for 20GB for a year.  Next time though, I think I'll just create a new blog address.

This isn't a problem I've ever heard of happening in the blogosphere.  So it really took me by surprise.  And created much un-needed stress for this melancholic. 

Hopefully this will be of help to someone who comes across a posting problem. 

Good day!


Regina said...

i dont even know what blogger in draft is. see, now you can teach me something :)

The Wades said...

All of this was Greek to me as well. New blogger and old?? I have no clue. You did remind me to start watching for how much space I have left. I'm sure I'm nearing the end. I upload a lot of full sized images all the time.