Thursday, January 17, 2008

Photo Phun --->

These were taken by Dani [11]: This is Cicero, Kayla's Bearded Dragon
Dani had a bit of fun with Charlie tonight!

They get better...
Can I just kiss those edible round cheeks!?

And...the dismount! Yay!

Joseph had to get in on the photo shoot as well. Not quite the same effect.

The following shots are by a Mystery Sharp Shooter:

Hmmm...I wonder WHO got his grubby little hands on the camera this morning when no one was watching him.

And finally...I had to get in on the fun as well. So while blogging in the schoolroom just now, I grabbed one of the hamsters that Therese and Sophia got for Christmas from Aunt Karen -

So I got 2 awful photos:
Their names are Panda [Therese's] and Fuzzy [Sophia's] and they are Panda Bear Hamsters. Can you see why?

And lastly, I took 2 dorky and probably boring to the naked eye, but really funny and adorable, videos

You'll notice in this first video that "Tubby" [aka, Panda] just sits on the wheel and won't budge so Fuzzy can't continue to burn a few calories!

They really are cute. I hold them a lot [the lizard, we've had for oh, I don't know 4yrs now...I've never even touched it!]. The girls will play with them in Sophia's dollhouse and the boys' Playmobil pirate ship [this isn't exactly like the one they have, but I couldn't find it online]. Well, I just found out that a hamsters gestational period is 16 days - while finding some info on them for this post. I hope ours are both female!

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