Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Vacuum War

Who out there has a Golden Retriever? Or a dog that sheds like the dickens? Now...can you imagine being without a vacuum? It's not pretty and it's driving me nuts!

We sent in our 12yo Kirby vacuum to be rebuilt about 1.5wks ago. [and I must plead with Paul not to comment on this issue, though I know he will :)] When they rebuild it, they replace pretty much everything! Let me tell you... this is muchly needed!

This vacuum has been quite a point of contention 'round here.

Some of Paul's points: It cost a lot of money [Those of you who may own one, know what I'm talkin' about] - so why should we shell out more cash to have this thing look and act brand spankin' new!? This thing also had a faulty cord, which last year started flaming and almost electrocuted Dani. Paul went 'round and 'round with the company concerning that.

There are also other vacuum issues which Paul will probably expound on.

My point: I really LOVE my Kirby! It really is the best I've ever used. And I can't wait until we get it back! It'll be pretty and shiny!

In the meantime this is one way we've been handling the dog fur among other things:

I can't find the first video clip I shot, but it was so cute. I did find it and it's the first of the 2 above -- I caught Charlie sitting down with the hand vac picking up pieces of fur off the rug and putting it to the nozzle, but the first video didn't capture that. He is picking some off his jammies though! It was the cutest thing! Of course, when he spotted me with the cam it didn't have the same effect..."do it again...". Oh, well, it's still cute.

I can't wait for Paul's input!!


Ellis family said...

I must agree I love my Kirby and Thank God there is a Kirby store close. I had to get my cord replaced. I bought ours on ebay and got a great deal. We bought a cheap back up vacuum just in case. You can even look at good wills and the Salvation Army. Here they always have them real cheap. Just a suggestion.
Maria aka Re Re

Journey of Truth said...

I love my Oreck. They don't have the 21 year warranty any longer I just noticed . . . I got mine under the wire on that good deal. They clean/service it once a year for 21 years. LOVE it. It was less than $800 with extra bags purchased at the time and is now two years old. Works like a charm.

Shelly said...

do i dare admit that - I too, have an Oreck [and that's the canister which Charlie is using!]

So we have a back-up, right? Wrong - the Oreck needs a belt!

PLD Consulting said...

Ok, Let me splain something to all you out there is Blogland.

Duct Tape and a $1500 dollar vaccumm should never be used in same sentence, but this is what has been holding this gem together for the last 10 years. (Throw in a $125 dollar repair in year 3 and the $250 dollar rebuild and we have a $1900 vacuum).

We should be ok right? we have a $500 dollor Oreck backup. except that goes through belts every 3 weeks. so now all we having working for us is the Chucko Bunk and the hand held.

So this is for all you Homeschool mommies out there:

When you try to talk your DH into a Kriby, Rainbow, Orek, or Dyson because it will be a great vacuum that will last for ever and be cheaper in the long run, and he says that a $69 dirt devil would be a better choice, he may just have a point!

Sorry honey, the guy in me just had to write this:)

Shelly said...

just make sure that your dh doesn't give you that Dirt Devil for Christmas! Sorry Honey, the woman in *me* just had to come out ;)

PLD Consulting said...

That was Cold! True! but Cold!!!

Sarah Faith said...

I got the bottom of the line oreck upright for about $350. We replace belts and bags and have to clean out the hair and threads every so often but it's held up for 2 years now pretty well. I love the fact that it's light enough to use one hand b/c I am always vacuuming with a baby on my hip. No dog here, but we need to vacuum about 2-3 times per day. (How many times do we eat? LOL) Belts are like .50c each. I think it was worth it. Now, $1500... i'm not so sure... :-)

Shelly said...

we have all hardwoods on the main floor, and since i have both vacuums to compare - kirby wins hands down. i wanted another vacuum for the other floors [at our prior home] so as not to have to drag the heavy kirby around. The oreck was nice and light, and you don't have any attachments to go from carpet to hardwood/tile. but it seriously doesn't have the power which the kirby has. paul will *even* agree w/that. it really gets all our dog fur and everything else!
I think both vacs are good and have a place in our home ;)

Karrot's Blog said...

nice comments... dirt devil for Christmas...? hum, Paul.. I would *love* to see Shelly's face!


Shelly said...

well, karen, you Missed it!! It was Kayla's 2nd Christmas!

Dawn said...

We used to have a Kirby but it broke down and *ach* threw it away. I should have had it repaired. We were in the middle of a move and we had had it repaired we went for the hoover. I miss it now. We too have hardwood floors and the hoover just doesn't cut it. I may be looking for another Kirby.
For Christmas??? That must have been a delightful present to open. So big!! :)

Katherine T. Lauer said...

I love Charlie's "uh-oh."

PLD Consulting said...


One bad Christmas gift, and you get labeled for life. Nice!

Danette said...

We has a Kirby demonstation in our home last night. I was sooo impressed and of course I really want one, but the sticker shock almost put me into labor. $1800.00!!! I think we'd be better off ripping out all our carpet and buying a mop. They look absolutely awesome if you can afford it though!

PLD Consulting said...


Don't Do it! That $1800.00 is just the start. You think you’re going to buy a vacuum that will last a life time. Then you'll find you have to replace things at $100.00 a pop, then after a few years (after all the plastic starts to break off) you'll have to spend $300+ to have it rebuilt.

Your $1800.00 will become $2500.00 in ten years. You'll feel like a real sucker at that point (just like I do now).

What is interesting is the Oreck we bought came with a 5 year warranty with a yearly maintenance plan. The Kirby only had a 3 year warranty and you have to pay for the parts (belts, brush etc.) that the Oreck covers in their maintenance plan. (Now, I'm not a proponent of Orek either, because $500.00 is way too much to spend for a vacuum in my opinion, but I will admit their warranty and maintenance is better).

So when the Kirby people come hounding you (and they will), you can point out what I stated above and see what their response is.

Dirt Devil Baby!!!!!!!! (Just not for Christmas. Trust me on this one!)

Shelly said...
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PLD Consulting said...
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