Thursday, November 13, 2008

Problem Solver

Charlie's birthday is exactly 3 weeks from Sophia's [previous post] and boy... I'm not looking forward to what the TWOS have in store!

He is definitely at it again - but nothing was "boken" this time.

Here's the setup...

Dani was making Sophia's cake and the remains of the frosting were on the wisk of the mixer. Charlie told me that he wanted some - in his own language - so with the swipe of my finger he had a little taste. Of course we know where this is going. That one little taste wasn't enough. A couple minutes later he went over to the little stool and pushed it toward the island. It was so cute to see him work at manuvering that thing. I initially thought he wanted to watch Dani - then it was clear:

He is a doll though ;) Yes, I'm wrapped!


PLD Consulting said...

Yes you are wrapped!!!!!

Damn that kids cute. When he and Joseph start to team up look out!! (Charlie the con artist and Joseph the muscle).

We'll at least PLD Consulting has it future sales force and collections agency :)

The Wades said...

He is very, very cute! So cute, in fact, you should have put him on the counter and let him have at it!