Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pray, Hope and Don't Worry

I received this from someone in our homeschool group this morning:

This is just a little side note for all those who are despairing over this election. I had an opportunity to hear Eduardo Verastegui ( Star in the movie Bella) speak last week. A very neat thing that he shared with us, was that he met McCain and while talking to him, Eduardo handed McCain a miraculous medal to carry. McCain looked at it and was very grateful and then McCain pulled out another medal out of his pocket and he said he would keep it with that one and carry it with him. It was a medal of Mother Theresa.

Let us storm heaven today.


Sarah Faith said...

don't forget to pick up your free tall coffee from starbucks today! ;-)

Shelly said...

well, since they're PP supporters we don't patronize them. Free or not.

Journey of Truth said...

That's awesome!!

Kimberly said...