Monday, November 10, 2008

Not the Same Need!!??!!

[envision me doing the Jerry McGuire flip-out office scene as you read this - and for the prior post as well]

This is just utterly ridiculous! [link*] " there's not the same need..." - more and more babies die - and maybe with the swipe of the pen MORE AND MORE BABIES WILL DIE. But hey it's not her's not the bishops' lives. There's just not the same need...

Some are glad the election is over - so as to NOT TALK POLITICS. Man, I think we're just getting started.

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An Update: Btw - they did discuss something at the conference. It was some statement they were going to draw up - maybe mostly for Obama [???]. But I *happened* to turn on the TV yesterday to actually put Little House on - when low and behold, there were the bishops [obviously to my surprise, it had been on EWTN when the TV was turned off] discussing how to word different parts of this letter speaking to life/abortion. Bishop Martino stood up twice [i only saw once] to put in his 2 cents. There was another bishop - gosh I don't rmbr where he was from - who said something to the tune of: I think all of us bishops would die tomorrow if it would end abortion - so if we're willing to die, to give our life for this cause - we need to go back to our dioceses and be willing to suffer by standing up for the unborn. Yes, it'll be difficult, but if we're willing to die....
Now that's not word for word - but it was the gist. Does anyone know who said that?
Another thing - Raymond was/is covering the USCCB - The World Over studio is now in D.C. - he was able to interview Bishop Martino [who also cleared up a misquote from this story] during one of their breaks. I thought that was so awesome to be able bring the bishops' take on things to the world - almost as a play by play. This totally drove home for me how important it is that The World Over is in D.C.


Dawn said...

What a shame. The Catholics who chose this candidate, knowing his stance on abortion, have caused great scandal within their families and parishes. Our priests need to stand up and speak to this. They need to call on our Bishops for clarification and if they won't, then we must.

Mau said...

I believe there has been a change in plans and this will be discussed on three separate occasions at the Bishop's fall meeting. I read about it on EWTN yesterday. Here is the link:

It would be absolutely ridiculous for them not to discuss it. The reason they moved it to the fall session in the first place was to make sure it was discussed after the election. Not the most efficient of methods, methinks.

BTW, thanks for visiting my blog. If you don't mind I'll take a peek around yours today ;-)


Kimberly said...

You are right-- things are just getting started and wow!! It is going to be a battle, but I have such a strong faith in the pro-lfie community that I know we will right the wrongs, dot the i's and cross the t's. I know good will prevail in the end. We must work without ceasing to save the babies. We must pray without ceasing to armour us with God's Will and God's direction on how best to fight the political system we are now faced with.

Dawon is right, our priests needed to stand up and speak about this before the election, but they even more need to say something now. If we cannot discuss intrinsic evils in our churches, where are we to discuss them?

You are awesome and I love your blog. Keep up the good work and I wil fight for life right along with you and Our Lady.

Blessed be God forever!