Monday, November 17, 2008

It Can Be Done!

Really. And this is the proof! [*<-----this is a link folks; click it] This is an amazing story of conversion. And I know how much impact conversion stories have on us. So let us be vigilant in prayer for the conversion of all sinners - especially world leaders, our country's future leader, our Church leaders, and abortionists. *again, link explanation for the blogging impaired... you know who you are ;)

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Karrot's Blog said...

I read this story on Sunday to one of the candidates... and we both had chills and were choked up! Amazing and beautiful story. But, I do have to say...
St.Thomas Aquinas? What is up with that! I guess God uses everyone! I love it!

Shelly said...

I know - of all the saints!! LOL
but toward the end of the article it says something to the effect of him stating that conception started around 40 days - so God's making a point to him and with him! Funny!

Shelly said...

duh - that's supposed to say that he stated life starts at 40 days after conception! [what the &^$^%$&!!]