Thursday, November 13, 2008

In Your Face!!!

I just don't think so - but, I did beat DH last game! Cha-ching!

You Are Chess

You are brilliant and shrewd. You can often predict what people will do in the future.

You thrive in complex situations. You deal with contradictions well.

You can have many streams of though going on at your mind at once. You keep track of things well.

You are very patient. You have lots of endurance, even when your energy dwindles


PLD Consulting said...


Shelly said...

oh, don't play dumb with me! I beat you - fair and squ.

PLD Consulting said...

I was actually refering to the "Patience" comment :)

Shelly said...

that's why i said "i just don't think so" - i know my faults... believe me.

PLD Consulting said...

I thought is was my duty to point them out :)

ChrisP said...

somehow, it said I am "checkers", Chubby Checkers?