Monday, November 10, 2008

I Need a New Baby!

And it's not that maternal feeling tugging at my heart. Not right now. [usually, but not tonight!]

I need someone I can call innocent! With Charlie on the cusp of The Terrible Twos [although not as terrible as the threes, IMO], and doing things like this: just confirms for me the need for at least one innocent child among the masses!
I opened up my laptop and to my shock I was missing 4 keys - including my enter key! I don't even know where it is! I got the 5 key and the right arrow back in place. You can see in the first picture how my comma key is missing next to the M... that was from last week!

This is nothing new, mind you - it's just gotten worse in the last couple wks. It's not as simple as just clicking them back into place. Sometimes - when I'm lucky - it is a simple snap-repair. But like I said, he's getting more destructive! And, yes, I understand that I need to form the new habit of closing my laptop! ::sigh::

At least I know the missing pieces won't get vacuumed up!
Update - found the 2 missing keys...and they snapped back in... Yay!!


Sara said...

That IS the beauty of new babies, isn't it? The old babies aren't as cute anymore.

Shelly said...

see, that's the problem - he's *darn* cute!! it's the innocence I have the problem with.. He *was* my sweet innocent one.

I know whatchya mean ;) It does take a little of the sparkle outta my eye! LOL

Karrot's Blog said...

awww... I knew he was going to 'turn' on you... with his cute smiles and flirty eyes...
he gotcha big time!

Regina said...

time for a mac

PLD Consulting said...

Just cause your ovulating, that's not reason to throw your chosen one (aka Chunko Bunk) under the bus and push for a new baby.

I Think Charlie was framed, Did you actually see him pull those keys? If we dusted for finger prints, whose do you think we'll find?

PLD Consulting said...

BTW Regina,

I'm getting a MAC before Shelly, I don't care how many key she pulls off ;)