Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Beautiful Gifts

I saw this at Christine's and just beamed with joy for this dear family. They adopted 2 boys from Liberia and just met them a few days ago.

You've just got to see the video which one of their friends put together for them. Simply a beautiful gift. Seeing the anticipation of Ginny waiting to meet her beautiful gifts!


Christine said...

I loved it also. One amazing family. Really touched my heart.

regan said...

shelly, if i were you, i'd pursue crochet over knitting, it's easier and if you want, i'll try to do a little tutorial on those flowers, they are easier than you think.=)

Katherine T. Lauer said...

Thank you for sharing! More than once you have been a vehicle by which to prode me about adoption. I'm sitting here crying and crying. What a brave family to (1) adopt (2) children they've never met (3) while the mama still has an under-one baby.