Monday, January 19, 2009

Bye Bye Boob Tube

We're now counting down until we have the satellite dish shut off.

We're trying to cut corners where we can.

I'll miss it to occupy the littles while I'm trying to make dinner. We love/d the DVR for this reason. We had Tom and Jerry recorded - that was always a quick fix for me to get things done. Awful but helpful!

I suppose one of the benefits is that we can focus on family a bit more. Not that we don't anyways, but this is going to kind of force different avenues on which to entertain and be entertained!

It's all good.


Jessica said...

You know, we have never had TV reception in our almost 9+ years of marriage, and we've survived! =) There are always movies... (Plus, it is that much easier to monitor what your children are watching!)

Paula in MN said...

Our two year contract is up the middle of February, and then we are saying bye-bye!

Sarah (JOT) said...

We cut off all channels over 100 and save $15/month now . . . but here's the kicker. Last night I was watching telly with my DH and I was complaining every time the telly flickered digitally . . . and he says to me, "Yeah, every time Comcast comes out here, they tell me that for some reason the signal to our townhome is unusually weak." Well, had I known that, I'd have screamed at someone five years ago! Geeesh! I can't wait to move to Hawaii. We'll be cutting back even more there. :-)

Regina said...

i have been thinking of doing this but i am not sure i can handle no tv. especially no dvr. i love dvr

motherhen68 said...

You know, kudos to all of you for giving up the tv. I swear, our family would die w/out the tv. It really annoys me too, but what are you gonna do when everyone but you loves tv?

Shelly said...

dvr is awesome, i agree.
we can live w/out tv. we've done it b4. to be honest, we dont watch that much of it - it really will be fine.

we just need to get a working dvd player for the main floor now. ours died. ::wink wink paul::

regan said...

we haven't had tv for about four years, just movies and hubby and i watch netflix and other on demand channels. the other kids get an occasional movie or watch what we have. i don't miss it. i love everyone in my room, all over my bed hogging, my computer, spilling popcorn on my floor and bed as if it is a movie theater, bringing and leaving various toys, shoes, papers, etc. ooopppsss.....did i just write all that. sorry, didn't mean to vent! it really is nice=)
sort of.

Sara said...

I'm actually jealous. I'm ready to cut it off, but dh isn't.

Katherine T. Lauer said...

You are brave. We keep talking about no TV. We might give it up for Lent.