Friday, January 9, 2009

Can You Guess?

What I got at Wal-Mart tonight?

It ain't purdy... but it's mine ;)

Thanks to inspiration from many bloggin' buds - one in particular - and YouTube, this is what happened at my fingertips.

I seem to fumble with those needle-do-hickies. And it's quite frustrating when a loop accidentally slips off! Arg!

This is my very first attempt at knitting. I also bought a crochet needle.


Aussie Therese said...

I never thought to look on youtube for videos of how to knit. I can knit but cannot crochet so will have to give that a go.

Regina said...

yeah yeah yeah. yippy. whoo hoo. yeah yeah yeah.
you HAVE to use
all the videos there are categorized so you can use it for anything you might ever need. it has been a HUGE help to me. HUGE.
yeah yeah yeah! go you!!

Regina said...

oh and for crochet you can go to
same thing...all the videos you would ever need and they are categorized

Shelly said...


Sara said...

Have fun!

The Wades said...

Regina rubbed off, huh? I am way impressed that you guys can teach yourselves with videos. I do not think that would be possible with my pea brain.

Great job!

Shelly said...

well, not a great job - but great attempt. i was laughing as i was trying along w/the videos - and then rewinding - play - rewinding - play - rewin....

Soutenus said...

That is so cool!
Well, now that you are knitting (and soon crocheting) check out what I am trying to do . . . .  at my retail site,  The Best Nest.   It is ecological, economical and just plain fun!  Have I aroused your curiosity? Let me know what you think!

Megan said...

I bought one of those Klutz knitting books that comes with everything you need a few years ago, I never used it but could never bring myself to get rid of it either, now I'm keeping it to use with Catherine one day. Keep practicing for me, when the time comes I'll have to fly you up to Milwaukee and you can teach us! ;o)

regan said...

yay for you....i am sooooo jealous.
i wish my "creations" could come from some orderly place, like an instruction manual, perhaps, instead of my malfunctioning brain that has to re-do things a million times before i get them right.
lots of luck with your new endeavor. please keep us posted with updates.

btw. i left you a "comment" to your comment over at my place.
so glad to have found ya!

i can just imagine your sweet, southern drawl. it really is not fair that everyone doesn't get to talk in such a cute or interesting way.......

Karrot's Blog said...

wow.... my sister is knitting?
Is this my influence? Or Dani's?

Aussie Therese said...

I have an award for you Shelly. See my blog for details.


Shelly said...

i must say, kp, that i've never known you to knit!

Now, make a mean skirt, pillow or fleece hat - you've got me beat! hot glue anyone?! LOL

Karrot's Blog said...

Yeah... you are right... no knitting here... I have always wanted to make a quilt... but, well, I figured I would just quilt 1/2 of it and call it a quilt.
In which case it would be kind of like a big napkin!