Friday, January 16, 2009


Well, temperatures are climbing here in ATL. It was a mere 10 degrees when I got up this morning. By mid-morning it was 18 and now it's up to 27. I suppose one plus is that at least it's not windy - it's deceivingly beautiful and sunny. I wouldn't mind some snow when it gets down this low. At least the kids would be outside playing in it!


regan said...

shelly, i love that picture on your sidebar of our lady of victory. i have the actual picture of that hanging in my daughter's room. i found it, beautifully framed at an antique store, very reasonably priced and the pink, yellows and blues are exquisite.

Christine said...

The cold is getting to me also. Finally it is Sat. and we are having a warm up. I always wonder how do the birds and animals handle it out there!

Judie said...

Don't forget -the cold kills the mosquitos also!!! Big Plus!!!