Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Something else to post!!

I was totally getting sick of looking at that post but yet had zilch in mind to post about. Do you know that feeling?

So here are some pictures of Kayla's cake. I am NOT a cake maker by any stretch of the imagination. In my head I have great ideas and think, "Oh, that'll be cool and it'll turn out great!"... then I begin frosting and.... not so great. It turned out fine though. The important thing is that Kayla really loved it!

after the candles were blown out, Charlie scooped up some icing!

The holes in the '8' are actually stars. You can see the stars which were cut out around the cake.

Have a good day!


Sara said...

I could tell that the "holes" were stars and that you put them around the cake. I thought that was a neat idea! Good job.

My cakes never turn out exactly as I envision them either.

Karrot's Blog said...

AWWWWWWW! I so wish I was there to celebrate too!
I feel the same way you do, Shelly.... what 18!!!!!!!!
I can't believe she is 18. Time flies. Really flies.
She is a beautiful and talented lady... I know you and Paul are proud!

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday to Kayla!!

The cake turned out awesome Shelly!! great job!!!

Regina said...

that chawlie...he is a stinker

Christine said...

I can still remember my 18th birthday and my mom made me 18 cupcakes. Great cake! Looks yummy!

Judie said...


The cake was awesome!! and tasted yummy too!!
Kayla is lucky to have such a great Mom!! Happy birthday, Kayla -again!

Have an awesome day!

PS I couldnl't pull up the message from Molly from Dad so I don't know what you and Therese thought was so funny about the message. Dad said that our computer is probably old or something cause he couldn't pull it up either!

The Wades said...

Happy Birthday, Kayla!

That cake blows any I've ever done out of the water.

Ginny said...

What a neat cake!