Tuesday, October 13, 2009

In Fourteen Hundred...

...Ninety-Two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue!
We managed to squeeze some extra time in for this...

All worksheets were from Enchanted Learning

so cute!

We also listened to an mp3 audio download from Freebie of the Day, You Are There! Columbus Discovers America!
Imagine what it would have been like had radio reporters tracked Columbus' voyage!  You can in this "radio report"! 

It was really awesome.  I think I may have appreciated it more than the kids though.  During some 'interviews' you'll recognize some people in history and you'll even hear from a priest who administered Holy Communion to the crew and graced them with Benediction.  Not something you're going to hear in our modern world!

I must say, it did stir me a bit in all their excitement when LAND!! was discovered :)

Hope your Columbus Day was filled with your own discoveries!


regan said...

i love all of the fingerprints embedded in those model ships. i can almost picture the serious faces of your darling children as they worked so hard!

ps. we are so loving all of the catholicity while we study about the first european explorers. my girl just read a "biography" of queen isabella.

J &D's Family said...

How do you find the time? These pics are really awesome-again!!