Monday, October 19, 2009

Finding Framers

Took a gazillion some pictures of the boys on Sunday - with the hopes of filling up the frames which Paul made for their room.  It was the perfect day.  A bit brisk and a bit windy [which you'll see in John Paul's pictures].

Here is just a small sampling...
~ Charlie ~

~ Joseph ~

~ John Paul ~
Don't believe it.  He's really NOT this serious.


he's cracking up with my dad here...

Love this one!

great, but too blurry

I'm so loving both of these
~ The Brothers ~

Charlie spaced out...

photo shoot about to end...

"...give me back my ball, Joseph!"

~ Joseph with Hannah ~

Paul and I are so very blessed by these boys. 
All unique.  All loving.  All beautiful.  And all God's gifts to us!


Aussie Therese said...

I think the photos are all great.

Regina said...

they are great! i loved the one on fb with charlie looking at john paul (i think) and jp is smiling big at the camera and charlie is smiling at jp. all great though!

Christine said...

Great job with the photos. What a great looking bunch of boys!

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Really cute boys!

J &D's Family said...

ehhh, I've seen better! Just kidding - pictures look awesome. We forgot our pics last Sunday. I guess we can get them THIS Sunday! See you tomorrow!


Regan said...

those boys are so handsome!
i love the way the sun is shining on their hair!
pictures look so wonderful in natural light!
but you already know that!