Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Friday Playtime

Last Friday we didn't do any artwork or extras, instead we headed to the ballfield. People often joke that we almost have a baseball team, ha! But you realize you need to have an opponent to make it truly fun.

At any rate, we split up the girls [the boys didn't want to play - still a bit too little]. So it was Sophia and I against Therese and Dani. Paul was all-time pitcher. We had fun. I got my exercise for the day and ... ahem... also hit a bonafide triple. All air, baby! Nice.

Here are some shots of our game :)  [These actually aren't the game shots, they're from the practice beforehand :)  You'll notice that practice means different things to different people.]  During the game I was too busy playing to stop and take pictures :)

look at that form...

... the ol' change up ::wink::
 there wasn't a slugger up to bat - Charlie's life was in no way threatened.  Not by the
batter, anyway. Ha!

He done good.  Darn good.

Oh, who won?  Well, let's just say that humility is a great virtue, while losing is...
not so great :)


ChrisP said...

that is too cute. I love Therese's helmet. The boys don't look at fired up about the game as their sisters do.

Sara said...

Love your family pics!

Regina said...

great batting helmet! looks like fun

J &D's Family said...

Looks like everybody had lots of fun! The pictures are great!!