Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!!

Today marks the 42nd year of my parents' wedding anniversary!  If you've been around a while, you remember they were here last year actually 2 yrs ago! - wow, I can't believe 2 yrs ago.

I love you two more than you will ever know.
May God bless you today, and always!

Happy Anniversary
Mom & Dad!


Aussie Therese said...

happy anniversary to your parents. 42 years is quite an accomplishment.

Megan said...

I just love you parents! Happy Anniversary to one of the cutest couples I know!

Regina said...

happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! Wow, I do remember those pictures like it was yesterday. I love the green glass one, you are so talented! And crafts galore...I'm sending my kids to your house! You let your kids finger paint? Seriously? What a super mom! I love the construction hat pictures. What beautiful kids!


Judie said...

Thanks, Shelly!! and thank all of you responding to this blog

God Bless and Keep you,
Mom and Dad