Friday, September 19, 2008

For 'r'


Regina said...

you are so funny!
he is adorable...will you ship him to me?

Jessica said...

Oh THAT is SO funny!! and he is SOOO cute!!

PLD Consulting said...

That one I am training up right. You are looking at the future starting QB 2025 for the Bucks.(Yes he'll be starting as a freshman).

Now his older sister starting mouthing something about Michigan going to beat The Ohio State 2 years ago, after about 4 days locked out of the house, she changed her tune. But for me it’s somewhat like Original Sin. She has repented, she has been forgiven, but the stain still kind of follows her. Someday I'll forget this whole horrid episode, but it will take a while.

Now just 2 weeks ago during the Ohio- Ohio state game Fia says; I like the green team. I truly have my work cut out for me 

Shelly said...

--- shouldn't you be out making money?

PLD Consulting said...

Shouldn't You be teaching school instead of telling everbody about your under-arm pit situation?

Shelly said...

ha ha, very funny! besides i don't teach school on saturdays! HA!