Friday, September 19, 2008

My Deodorant Post

Okay - let's get a little personal, but not too personal. I made a change about 6wks ago. This is my testimony about that change.

I saved a post a while ago concerning home-made deodorant. It was quite intriguing to me... since I never really thought about that before. Okay, NEVER thought about that or knew people made their own. But with trying to be conscientious about what we put in/on our bodies, I thought I might give it a try.

It seemed a little pricey, all those ingredients in the deordorant recipe. And I never did get around to buying all the specialty items, or any items for that matter. Then my sister and parents told me how they started using just baking soda - that's soda... not to be confused with powder - we're talkin' Arm and Hammer stuff. Anyway... actually it was just my dad at first. He read the recipe from the link on my blog and did a little more research and started using the baking soda and raved how it was great and how he had "no problems... and I sweat!" Then my mom started using it next and liked it. Then my sister. In that order ;) So I tried it. And was A-Mazed! [the words in red are meant for my mom! Sorry Mom - is this better? Love you!]

A little TMI, perhaps, but there was no odor whatsoever. None. Zilch. All. Day. Long. Period. The plain baking soda may irritate some people's skin and they'll have to add something to it [can't remember what it is that my sis and dad had to add?]. Maybe a cream of some sort? But it has not irritated me one bit and is the best deodorant I've ever used! I just have a little Pyrex container of it on my bathroom sink and dip two damp fingers in and rub it on. Done! When I'm done applying it I go straight to my teeth LOL - just kidding! Sorry. Gross... not funny!

So now I've got a $1.59 huge box of baking soda that'll last me for 10yrs easy. What a bargain!


PaulaB52 said...

I use baking soda too. Deodorant irritates me and gives me a rash! I actually stink more in the winter than in the summer (go figure) and the soda does the trick. I was amazed by it too.

And it's wayyy cheaper! More environmentally friendly too.

Jessica said...

You are so funny! I will have to try it out!

Vicki said...

I use baking soda for my hair and my teeth, why not use it for deodorant too. I even clean the house and wash my dogs with it! I hope Arm & Hammer doesn't raise the price because of increased demand.

Did you see the same post that I saw with the deodorant recipe? And the lip balm recipe?

Regina said...

are you gonna start wearing birkenstocks
and long flowy skirts and start hugging trees soon too?
i think code pink could use some more volunteers ;)

Judie said...

Don't forget -I was the second one in the family to use the baking soda!-I just put it on a wash cloth from a salt shaker container. It's GREAT!

Sara said...

I use it to wash my hair already. Just that and ACV for conditioner. My hair rocks and I guess my pits will too! Dh will have to try too because he has very sensitive skin like Paula52.

Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with wearing birkenstocks? I've been wearing them for years. It does not lead to hugging trees or wearing flowy skirts. Honest.