Friday, September 26, 2008

St. Therese Novena ~ Day 4

I love this picture of Therese - why do you suppose she's posing chained to the brick wall?

[yes, I skipped day 3]

Fourth Day

Dear Little Flower of Carmel, bearing so patiently the disappointments and delays allowed by God, and preserving in the depths of your soul an unchanging peace because you sought only God’s will, ask for me complete conformity to that adorable Will in all the trials and disappointments of life. If the favors I am asking during this Novena are pleasing to God, obtain them for me. If not, it is true I shall feel the refusal keenly, but I too wish only God’s Will, and pray in the words you used, that I "may ever be perfectly fulfilled in me."

Intercede for us all the days of our life, but especially during this Novena and obtain for us from God the graces and favors we ask through your intercession. Amen.

Thought for the day:
Abandonment to God. I fear only one thing---to keep my own will; take it, my God, for I choose all that You choose.
The only happiness here below is to strive to be always content with what Jesus gives us.
I can demand nothing with fervor, except the perfect accomplishment of God’s will in my soul.
O my Beloved, I offer myself to You, that You may perfectly accomplish in me Your holy designs, and I will not allow anything created to be an obstacle in their path.


Sara said...

Because she's playing the part of Joan of Arc in the convent play.

Shelly said...

seriously?! I think, now that you mention that, that i do rmbr hearing that b4 - though I don't know if i knew it had to do w/this pix. Thanks!

Sara said...

Well, it's that or they chained her up for not scrubbing the floors properly.

Jessica said...

I know, I love this picture too.. Isn't she beautiful! And yes, the picture was taken while acting out St. Joan of Arc. :)