Saturday, September 13, 2008


See what happens when I try to download a new template [which I didn't like, thus didn't keep]? I lost my Blogroll!!



momto5minnies said...

Oh that stinks! Where did you try to get a new template? This way I won't try it ;)

I have noticed so many people changing their templates. Mine is rather boring, but I certainly don't want to spend hours trying to fix something up.

Hope you get back what you lost ...

Shelly said...

actually, it's quite simple. it's just cut and paste. and since i was blopping around last night, i forgot the site, but they had thousands of templates to choose from. i tried a castle theme [way cool] except that the part your post showed up on was see through and the background was shown on your pictures if you post pictures. and i love pictures so that wasn't the template for me. i'm going to search now! btw, the one i have now, you can click on that button [upper left] and it'll take you to her free backgrounds. they are all real cute.

Shelly said...

and come to think of it - the photo on this post is definitely dh Paul tonight and a high probability it's Regina too :o)

me, i can care no less :o)

Regina said...

yeah, i forgot to save all my crap too. argh...but your pretty new blog made me want to purdy mine up too