Friday, September 26, 2008

Keep Them Busy

It's such a gorgeous time of year here in the southeast - and probably most of the country, as fall settles in - replacing the humid air with a light, crisp, cool breeze. The kids are outside more these days than they were during the summer... understandably. So, for now, they aren't too bored when they have down time.

But I know that won't last ;)

I saw this link over at Cozy as Spring and thought that my girls would just love to sit, probably outside, and stitch these little folks and animals. They look very simple and very sweet. So I ordered a few of them. Once we do those, I'm sure they'll get creative and design their own little creatures! I can't wait ;)


Regina said...

how cute! i love weewonderfuls. have you seen her make along story?

Regina said...

whoops, looks like you are doing the stitchettes, not the dolls. be sure to show the goods!!

Melissa from MN said...

This was my favorite link of the week. Thanks so much!