Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our Month in Pictures

Fall season of softball.... practicing with Dani and Grandpa on a glorious Sunday!

[as I look at these pictures, I'm just amazed how big Sophia is getting! Gees!]

Boys of the Round Table

Charlie in his new MeToo high chair - the best thing!


"Enough I said!"
Dani warming up her pitching arm before a game

Thank you Jessica for your help!


Anonymous said...

cutie pies as usual!

Jessica said...

Love the pictures!

(And you did a great job!)

Therese said...

We had a me too chair for Tom and Amelia. I loved it. I don't think my mother thought too much of it because she bought a new high chair for Christopher.

Shelly said...

well, they didn't come out the way I *laid them out* but they're still okay. probably my workable space.