Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Dani spotted this beautie a couple weeks ago on the roof of our back deck. What a sight! [this was taken through the window and screen, so the photo quality isn't that good -- you should've seen me sneaking up to the window! You can see him looking at me as he spotted the camera flash!]
Anyone know what his name is? There are those sites to identify birds, but I'm just not sure on this guy. I thought he was some kind of hawk - but none that we saw looked like him. It's the beginning of our bird study!

Oh, and speaking of bird study... Pepi the Mighty Kitty has been studying birds too. If you remember the feeder we recently put up - you'll understand where her studying takes place. To make a long and funny story short, she caught a bird at the feeder and brought it inside the house! She started to take it upstairs but Aunt Karen coaxed her into dropping it on the stairs. Dani thought it was dead, until it fluttered in her face and flew away! You can imagine the girly screams :o) It was really funny. She ended up landing in the toaster, Grandpa finally scooped her up and set her on the deck railing. We were confident she was okay as she flew to her nest! I wonder if she'll be frequenting the feeder again?


Vicki said...

Shelly, I think it is a red-shouldered hawk. We have seen and heard lots of them around and that's what it looks like to me. Here is a site that plays the song, and if you listen you may realize that you hear it more than you know.


We had a similar situation with a little wren in the house a couple of weeks ago with the same results.

The Wades said...

i wouldn't have a clue. i think it's fun you took pictures of it and are starting a bird study now. good ol' grandpa saving the day! :)