Sunday, September 14, 2008

Stop the Madness!

And no, this does not have to do with politics - although it really could :) It has to do with how many times am I gonna fool around with this blog! LOL

This is my new blogger template and I got it through a site called Simply Fabulous Blogger Templates. I did a lot of searching and hers were the prettiest, most creative, most original and colorful, IMO. I didn't really care for the previous kind and how it scrolled differently.

Now she has free ones - which this is - but it will only work if you use Firefox server to download [copy/paste] the code. So.... what I did, was downloaded the Firefox, added the new template and then went back and deleted Firefox [I'm in my comfort zone with Explorer]. Heads Up: I will let you know that I lost all my widgets in doing this. So all my homeschool resource links, my blogroll, etc..., etc..., etc... - probably something I did wrong, but anyway... it happened. I'm a little bummed - but am so pleased with the new look that it's worth it to me.

I need to work on my header a bit... can you say Photoshop! But I am extremely happy with the cheeriness of the new look.

So thank you Lena! Thank you for your creativity in the blogosphere and your generosity :o)


Jessica said...

Oooohhhh!! I LOVE it!!! It is my favorite one yet!

I need to start thinking of updating mine :S

Regina said...

me likey!

Trina said...

So beautiful! You have piqued my interest in trying out...but then that would take time. sigh, which I need more of!

Christine said...

I like it! Too bad it was so hard to do!

PaulaB52 said...

I like it, it's very vintage and feminine.

Shelly said...

christine, it wasn't *hard* to do - just a bummer side to doing it.

Danette said...

Great minds think alike. :) I was working on updating mine before the power went out. I love your new look!