Tuesday, January 15, 2008

For a Good Time...

go see this blog that I came across last night. And this post is HYSTERICAL!!

I decided to go BLOPPING last night instead of sitting...staring at my blog with what seems to be writer's block. Well, not really. I have Adoration at midnight so I have to do something and laundry is too boring.

Anyway...I decided to blop on the Catholic Mothers blogroll, but backwards. So I started at the end and worked my way...well, backwards.

One of the first blogs I visited got me to all those new widgets/quizzes to the right. Then I got to Regina's blog...and I stopped and read. And read some more. And I laughed. It helped to see her dh in an OSU hat. I knew I'd be leaving a comment [just one] before I even read anything.


Regina said...

You are too kind! I'm not really that funny (don't tell my husband I actually said that) but thanks for stopping by!
And my, my Charlie (Chawee)has some amazing eyes! Why do the boys always get the great eyelashes?

The Wades said...

So you're the sweet, funny Shelly, huh? Just a little warning--Regina will pull you in with her wit, get you hooked, and then leave you high and dry for days! Just a little warning from one Shelly to another! :)

Shelly said...

I'm used to it! :O)

Stevie said...

Thanks for blopping over to my blog by the way! I'm glad you started at the end or you would never have gotten to mine LOL!