Saturday, January 19, 2008

Winter Burn-Out!

Our homeschool group is putting on a Winter Tea next Saturday night. Usually it's held during the week, but the facilities weren't available during the week this year. The Tea is usually held in January and February to combat that dreaded "Winter Burn-Out" which many homeschooling mothers catch this time of the year. You know, when it seems like "I can't go on"..."is that the pool open down there?"..." mean summer isn't 6 months long?!" These thoughts need remedying.

We bring our own teacup and an appetizer to share. We fill our cups, dunk our bags and listen to the wisdom of the priest who was invited to speak to us. To lift our spirits. To encourage us. To re-focus our attention. Or slap us and yell, "SNAP OUT OF IT!". Well, not really. But that could be effective!

We all look forward to this relaxing night. I think we may even swap some homeschooling/parenting books at the suggestion of one of the mothers.

I am really looking forward to this Winter Tea. What do you all do for that Winter Burn-out?


Juli said...

Just stopped in to see what yer up to. Hey the hamsters are really cute! If they reproduce we'll take one.. Need any fish? We had 12 now we have 100. aaahhhhh.

If I don't make the winter tea I may have to resort to the slap and scream method! lol. You're too funny.

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

Haven't done this in years, and never for homeschooling but I think it is pretty adaptable! when in my 20's, I used to host an annual "We Hate Winter" party. Everyone would show up in bathing suits, wild Hawaii shirts, etc. We would serve virgin Mai Tai's, Pina Colada's, etc. We would listen to Beach Boys music. A few times I even laid tarps on the floor, sealed off the doorways, and dumped bags of sandbox sand on it, for a true "summer" theme.

Regina said...

OOOH, we have our semi-annual moms night out dinner this friday and i am counting down the days!! we have a short meeting beforehand to plan out any upcoming events for the group then we just hand out and have fun. usually we have a themed dinner but this time we are just doing appetizers and having a white elephant gift exchange. to be honest i am not sure all the gift exchange entails but ill post when i do. i just know we are suppose to take something from around the house, silly or serious, that we no longer want.