Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I need a quick fix - and like I said: Quick!

Until I can really plan for Things to Do for the 2yo. I need a quick fix to keep him occupied. He is almost 3, next month. I'd like him to do things on his own, but I need him to be doing something instead of whatever it is that he wants to do.

I get so ANGRY at him for getting into things [ie. food, computer, camera [!], breaking whatever his hands are on...literally!], but after the fact it dawns on me that it's not his fault. I know and understand that HE HAS NOTHING TO OCCUPY HIS TIME. HE IS BORED. Since he's Number 6 he doesn't get watched as the others did. Well...he NEEDS to be watched. The others probably didn't get watched closely either, but - with the exception of Therese - they didn't need to be watched. Joseph is into EVERYTHING. And you can tan his hide and he doesn't GET IT. I'm exhausted with this one!

So I need some ideas. I know you Montessori method-ers have some cool ideas. I really need to stick with things that I've got here at home. Oh, he'll *do* puzzles. I've got about 6 of them ALL over my floor right now! I can't be by his side. I've got these 3 -4 other children to teach. How do I keep him occupied yet not getting bored and start destroying things in the blink of an eye? John Paul and he can only play together for so long. I don't want them sitting in front of a video watching whatever all the time either. Though it's easy to do that, I can't do that everyday. Some days I have no problem with doing that. And that's fine. But this can't be something on a daily basis where they can just veg.

I need some ideas. What works for you? What did/does not work for you? Do you have any online resources for help? Blogs?

All I know is this 2yo is pushing buttons I didn't know existed!! I'm talkin' about MY buttons!

Oh... thanks for listening. Rant over.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm praying for you!

Look at StarrySkyRanch.typepad.com - Kim does this Friday Funschool post, and each one features on a different letter. She is up to J or K by now, with all kinds of hadns on activities, coloring, etc to do. I know that Meredith at happyheartsmom.typepad.com/sweetness_and_light does a lot of Montessori, so she may have stuff on her blog too. Theresa at LapazFarm.homeschooljournal.net has ideas.

Anonymous said...

Also montessoriforeveryone.com has lots of free stuff and ideas.

PaulaB52 said...

I don't have any ideas for you, but I always wondered how the homeschoolers of many can deal with their little ones AND teach their older ones.

Kudos to you.

Sarah Faith said...

Hey Shelly... I totally feel for you. Seems like every time I have a 2yo I have a newborn to go with it.
Recently some friends posted a bunch of cool ideas on my blog here .

My 2yo (27 mos) gets into stuff too, b/c I didn't give him something to keep him occupied. I liked the ideas about water play... I just line the bathroom floor with towels, take the soap and shampoo out of the bathtub, and throw in a few toys with about 6 inches of water and he's happy for a long time. Yeah I need to do a towel wash when he's done but it's pretty well worth it!

I liked the idea about the sand and earth movers, too, but haven't gotten around to it yet so don't know how messy it really is.

I do notice that Soren LOVES to be commissioned for tasks. If he keeps interrupting me I send him to make me a house out of mega blocks, that keeps him out from under my feet for several minutes.
If you want something while you're doing school, can you put him at his own surface (small desk or table) and give him safety scissors and a few pieces of construction paper or yarn? I bet just cutting up paper would keep him really busy.

Alternately you could rotate the older kids watching him for 30 minutes at a time, maybe let the ones who can read, read him a book. Sure they aren't doing schoolwork for 30 minutes (or are they... lol) but it might be worth it to keep your full attention on the other kids for that time, instead of running off to find another mess.

I notice often they just want to be around mom... and 2 is old enough to do simple jobs. Like if I am cooking I usually let Soren throw everything in the garbage for me as I go along, get plastic plates out for lunch or dinner, put away utensils, etc. Sure he is underfoot a little but it's better than letting him go make a mess somewhere... most of the time anyway!

Hope this helps a little. I know how rough and frustrating it can be. Especially when, like me, you don't want to resort to the idiot box as a babysitter routinely. (Which I find doesn't really work too well at that age anyway, ha ha).

amandarashford said...

I have other ideas but the first that comes to mind is, teach him how to use scissors. Cut cardstock into thin strips let him snip off the ends of the strips. Then give him more paper and a glue stick and tell him he can't get up until he glues all his paper down. I know that sounds crazy but my dd could do this for an hour!
I'll work on other ideas.
Hang in there!

Shelly said...

But here's some more of my dilemma: He's such a big mouth!! I can't have him in the schoolroom [our formal lvgroom in our house plan]. the other kids wouldnt be able to concentrate [and i tend to get frazzled - then i'd end up just kicking him out]. then if *he* were in here, the 4.5yr old would want to and that is just too much in this enclosed room. I'm afraid if i put him in the kitchen w/some scissors etc...I'd forget to check in on him and he'd be cutting up couches, hair, clothes.../ I don't know. this kid is so unpredictable. he could be sitting next to you sweet as pie and then in the same moment, BAM. You're short one eyeball!!

Kimberlee said...

This site http://www.redshift.com/~bonajo/preschool_activities.htm has lots of activities, though they would of course require supervision. Perhaps you could arrange your schedule so an older child watches the littles for half hour while you work with the big ones.Then they could work independently while you do activites with the littles nearby so you can assist as needed. It might also help if you start the day giving your littles attention - sort of fill up their tanks first thing so they may be more content for a while. Give him direction and purpose to channel all of that energy. :-)