Saturday, January 19, 2008

Oedipus the King!

This is the play that Kayla is in. It's a Greek Tragedy. This is actually a class which the students took last semester. The performance is this weekend. So last night was Opening Night. I knew nothing about this story 2 weeks ago. Now...I know more than I wish I did. Those of you who know the story know what I'm talking about.

I have seen this performed 6 or 7 times in the last week and a half. You see, Therese and Sophia are also in this performance! So Paul and I sat through many a rehearsal.

Yes, I'm scarring my kids for life as the children of Oedipus - who gouged out his eyes at the knowledge that his mother and wife are one in the same. The girls come out at the very end of the play where Oedipus is begging Creon [the new ruler, also his brother-in-law] to exile him, but wishing to touch/hold his daughters one last time [Ismene and Antigone]. Enter Therese and Sophia. They just stand there next to their father while he spews out his pitiful lines - bloodied eyes and all [they had masks on - which actually were created by Kayla and a friend - and they looked really cool. I'd have backstage photos to share, but as I started to take pictures last night...I had forgotten the memory card at my computer!! Arrgh! Never fails!]. As he exclaims: I am your father....and your brother! [ewwww]. Thank God they don't get what's going on! At any rate, they are the hit of the show. All the "aaawwwww"s as they come out are going to their heads!
The play is not what I would call exciting. Quite the contrary. But the acting is superb! Those kids do such an awesome job bringing this Greek tragedy to life!

Hopefully I'll get some pictures at tonight's performance. I say hopefully because it's snowing right now [again, I know!]. Sophia is SO hoping that it melts. She really wants to do tonight's last performance. Regardless - it will affect tonight's turnout. Snow in Georgia. People remain home. Even at the word "snow", people cancel any outings they might've had.

So hopefully I'll get some pictures tonight. If not, here's someone else's version of Oedipus with his daughters:

Therese and Fia just stand at his side, unlike the girls in this photo.

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