Monday, June 2, 2008

160 Seconds -

update: thank you to Miss Math-U-See for grading my work. The new title should now read: 600 Seconds!!!

If you could spend 10 minutes with anybody, who would the top 10 people be? I saw this from an Awesome Aussie and thought I would jot down some names - although 10mins wouldn't be enough :

10. Raymond Arroyo

9. Pope Benedict

8. Pope John Paul II

7. St. Padre Pio [it's hard to take away the "padre" from the "Pio", ya know!?]

6. Mother Angelica

5. St. Therese

4. Fr. Corapi

3. All my grandparents [I'm lumping all 4 together!]

2. Blog friends

1. Fulton Sheen

They are in no real order and it was really tough to pick and choose just 10. There are so many more!


Laura The Crazy Mama said...

MAN! You totally covered ALL of the people I would have on my list! I would add Pope Pius XII and maybe St. Paul.

Regina said...

Fr. Corapi. Fr. John Corapi (imagine the big booming voice-love him). Good list

Shelly said...

I can't write LOVE big enough when I say how much I ***LOVE*** Fr. Corapi! Our modern-day St. Paul!!

It's funny, b/c I wrote down all these big important peeps, like the Holy Fathers and 'stuff', but I'm NOT good, very intimidated, just speaking to priests!! LOL

Shelly said...

oh - except Mother Angelica - I actually did meet her back in 2001 after her show - while my hubby met Raymond. I'm not intimidated by her - she just seems so darn approachable!

Therese said...

I lol when I read awesome Aussie.

My husband wants Fr. Corapi to be our parish priest.

Therese said...

PS. You can now do the next one I did. I have tagged you.


Megan said...

Shouldn't it be 600 seconds?

Great list! I think I might take Fr. Corapi for all 10 slots!