Thursday, June 12, 2008

Can You Relate?

Well, John Paul's birthday is in 5mins. - so I just went ahead and updated his age and Therese's [a little late on hers] on the blog. It just brought a tears to my eyes. They grow up so fast. We only have a few glimpses of years to form our children. And thank God, Thank God he has Blessed us with many souls. It is an honor. A complete honor.

God must have more confidence in me than I have in myself. Because it sure is hard. How do we really know if we're doing our best? Isn't there always room for improvement?

My prayer is that God give us the Matrimonial Graces to raise our children. So they will be prepared in this life to live and defend their greatest gift. Their Catholic Faith - the Blessed Sacrament.

A prayer in Mothers' Manual:

Mother most pure, from your very conception you were guarded from the least
stain of sin. Speak to your Divine Son with me now for the protection of my
children against dangers of soul. You know how greatly sin offends God and you
abhor it. You know, too, how horrible sin is because of all that your Divine Son
suffered on account of it. Ask Him now to defend my children from all dangers of
sin that threaten. Please ask Him to grant the protection of His grace, so that
grievous sin will not possess the soul of my children and prevent us from
sharing happiness together in Heaven!


Kelly said...

Oh yeah...I can definitely relate!!


Danette said...

Happy Birthday John Paul and Therese!

Isn't it amazing how it seems like you'll be raising kids forever and the next minute it seems like before you know it, it will all be over?

Lily said...

Happy Birthday! I cannot believe how time flies. I understand what you mean about how God must have more confidence. I feel all the time that my children deserve better than me. I pray I do not let them or God down, and that I do well in guiding their souls.

Christine said...

Time does go by so fast. That is why life is so so precious.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Boogie Boy!

If your mom would answer the phone, I would wish you HB in person:)

Hint Hint

Shelly said...

oops, needs charged!