Thursday, June 19, 2008

En Francais ~

This morning I was doing Sophia's hair. I put a French braid in it. Here is the little exchange between Sophia and Therese:

Sophia: [feeling the back of her head, speaking to me] Oh! You put a braid in my hair!

Me: Yes, it's a French braid.

Sophia: What's a French braid?

Therese: It makes you speak French!

Sophia: [saying in a "you're teasing" way] Therese.

Therese: See, you just spoke French! You said, "Therese"!

[Her name is the French pronunciation]


Sarah Faith said...


We love the name Therese for a girl. We almost used it this time but couldn't agree on another name to go with it. I had lots of ideas but they were all shot down. What is Therese's middle name?

Shelly said...

it's Agnes!!!!! how funny is that?