Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hot Spots and Thermometers

So, we took our 9yo golden, Hannah, to the vet yesterday because she had these yucky sores on the right side of her face. It started out - about 5/6 days ago - with one small abrasion that just got more infected [I sprayed some Bactine on it a few times ~ seemed caring :o)] Then yesterday morning I noticed that there was a second lesion. I knew that what I was - and wasn't - doing wasn't working!

I drove her, along with Kayla, Therese, Sophia and John Paul, to the vet's office. We got there around 1pm and the receptionist girl said they wouldn't have a doc in til 2pm - it was at this point when I thought: should've called to make an appointment! Let me add that this is the vet's office that we've been with for years....they are near our old neighborhood. So, anyway, we had an hour to kill.

"Well, there's a park near here that we could go to. The kids can play on the playground. It's ONLY 86degrees. Doable!" -- is what I was thinking as we started driving off. To go home would've been too far and time consuming...not to mention the gas!

So we got to the park. But dogs aren't allowed to be in the playground area. Understandable. Another one of my ideas: "Kayla, you can take Hannah around the track" -- I actually said this out loud!

So the three kids played on the playground and Kayla took off around the track....with Hannah....for whom going outside to go "potty" is her daily exercise! The track is 1/2 mile - Kayla came around the first time after approx. 35mins. Okay, I'm exaggerating - but it was A LONG TIME. When she came around I told her that they could just lay in the shade on the grass. "No, we're okay...." as she and Hannah proceeded to jog -- personally, I think she should've consulted with Hannah first, but whatever. [I might also add that Kayla's daily exercise is also going to the "potty" - although, not outside!]

The time was drawing near to head back to the vets. So, we did. Hannah panted the whole 1.5mi. to the office. Lovely breath.

We got to the office and Hannah got weighed and then we all went back to the examination room. That's where the "tech" guy did *his* thing. Keep in mind that Hannah is panting like the dickens the. entire. time.! "Let's get your temp, Hannah!!" he said with excitement. Hannah...not so excited - she doesn't think this is very polite. You should've seen the 3 little ones watching - yikes! [at least Hannah was sitting!] - I wanted to say, Happy Birthday John Paul!

The tech-guy goes over to the computer to enter the temperature as he says, "Has she been in the car or something? Cause her temp is 105! That is really high!!" --- "well, we just kind of ran her around a track for a mile in almost 90 weather," I said as I felt about this high and this bright!

Kayla and I were laughing to ourselves after he left the room. Kayla said that she was thinking that it probably wasn't the best time to be running Hannah....before her vet exam!!

He did tell us that the sores were called hot spots. Apparently they can start with some allergy or fleas or something. I'll stick with the "something". She doesn't have fleas and if she has allergies, she's never complained about them! LOL They shaved the infected side of her face and we got some spray to apply twice a day - which the vet said should take care of the hot spots. Cool. $100 for a shave and some Bactine!! LOL

Hannah's Good Side!

Therese was telling me something about her scabbed knee - how it was bothering her or something [ you know, I don't really listen to them, they're always rambling! LOL]. I told her that we could have them shave her leg and spray some stuff on it. She laughed one of those "stop it Mommy" laughs. Then I said: Do you want them to take your temperature!!!

Eh - they put up with me!


Lily said...

ROFLOL...that is so funny! So very funny.

PaulaB52 said...

You are so like me! So caring towards your pets LOL. (Kidding)

Seriously though, our cat had an issue going on with his bladder. He was running to the box every two minutes. My solution? Give him the boot. He is an inside/outside cat, so giving him the boot is not as noxious as it may seem. The kids wanted to take him to the vet, we had no money, so I said, let's just wait and see if he gets better. Which, thankfully he did. I don't know if it was the food I was feeding him or if he got into something or if he ate something that made him sick, but he got over it and he's back to his annoying self.

Shelly said...

Dani's cat, Pepi, just got 1/2 a boot. She's been crappin' on the floor a couple times. Halt!!! She's going outside!!! She's in and out now!

Megan said...

See, stories like these and then reading comments about cat bladder and poop problems is the reason we do not own pets! Of course I don't even like to touch animals so there lies a big problem as well!

Shelly said...

and Hannah *knows* this Megan. ever notice how dogs go to people who can't stand animals?!