Thursday, June 5, 2008


Well, Kayla is taking her first SAT on Saturday - but this is not about that kind of testing. It's about my youngest. My Charlie.

You know how cute and sweet those babies are? "He will always be the apple of my eye!" Well, being in position #7, he's got lots of *examples* around him!

Now don't get me wrong. This kid - who just happened to turn 18mo - is SO the apple of my eye ... he's just growing up and testing waters - as they all do.

He is starting to: hit, scratch, scream, throw little tantrums, climb the kitchen chairs which leads to him sitting on top of the table. I know it's bound to happen. It always does. But I still want to scream, "Nooooooooooooooooooo. Not *MY* Charlie!!"

When he "tests", I calmly flick/thump the back of his hand and tell him "no". It may take him a few "no's", but he'll eventually stop. He sure notices the pain on the back of his hand [he doesn't cry, rather "shrugs his shoulders" so-to-speak, and walks away].

When he does something to one of his siblings they yell/scream if he hurts them. Well, he thinks this is cool - he's getting a rise out of them. You know, just like at the dinner table....when he's "entertaining the troops" and we're all cracking up - he does it more. He sees everyone's reaction to something *he* did. "Look at this POWER I possess!" So true when the kids scream at him - he does it more! :::sigh:::

And so - it begins. I hope you'll join me in prayer - for BOTH of my kids' "testing"!

Kayla: You should be studying instead of reading your mother's blog! HeeHee!


Regina said...

aw what a nice mom, you flick on the back of the hand. we flick sweet little boy square on the forehead

Shelly said...

i flick his cheek when he screams. i don't know why they keep doing it - that hurts!!

The others get "THE WOODEN SPOON" {big deep amplified voice}

Therese said...

We have a black wack in our house. Christopher meet the the black wack this year for the first time when he bit Tom. I just have to wave it in front of him now and his behavior changes instantly. hee hee.

Good luck to Kayla. Praying that she goes well.