Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Save the Males!!

Kathleen Parker, author of the book Save the Males was a guest on The World Over last Friday - although I saw it tonight. She was talking about her book and touching on some reasons why men and fatherhood are under attack in today's culture. She is right on! And she was very funny. Raymond said that it is a funny book. She said that the toughest chapter was the one on women in the military - especially since we're involved in a war. I really admire her courage and truth. I ordered my book and am anxiously awaiting it. I'll keep you posted!


Megan said...

Let me know how it is! I might just have to borrow it when you're done!

Judie said...


Sounds very interesting!


ps--I can't believe that Paul will be 40 eather!!

Judie said...

And you noticed that I can't spell either!!