Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kayla's Art and My Ramblings

We got Kayla one of those drawing tablets for the computer this past Christmas. Here is a picture she's been working on for the last couple days. Strangely enough, she said, it turned out looking a lot like herself. I agree.
She's the artsie one in the family. She is so right-brained! Singer, actress, piano player, artist, writer -- she's an excellent writer. But more than her abilities in these areas, I love the way that people are drawn to her. They have always been drawn to her. Since she was just a little toddler. People have been captivated by her - personality and all.
I remember one time when we approached a visiting priest at the parish we were at - it was after Mass and he was giving families a blessing. When we went up - I want to say we *only* had 3 kids then - the priest blessed us and focused on Kayla. He said, "You're going to do something very special." He said something to the other kids as not to exclude them [probably to make Paul and I feel better :o)], but then went on about Kayla again...."but you...there's something very special about you. I can feel it." He said it with such certainty that it was a supernatural experience to me - it really touched me and I knew that God had a special plan for our oldest.
She's always been such a spiritual child. It's just something that she's always possessed. It's definitely nothing that I did. She's got such an amazing memory that I learn from her - especially when it comes to Church history, saints and such. But more than her knowledge is her love and patience. Even when she gets frustrated with her siblings, which is more times than not, her patience is amazing. I want to tap into her and syphon it out of her and into me. Just amazing patience.
I pray for my children all the time. But more prayers have been going out to my oldest dear recently, as she experiences life's firsts, and starts to spread her wings. Home is where the heart lies.


Kelly said...

Wow - great pic!!! And Kayla IS great!!!


Danette said...

Wow! Great post!

Lily said...

What a beautiful tribute. How old is she...oh it's probably on your blog somewhere, I'll look. My eldest will be sixteen in July. She's studying for the driver's exam. And we are planning a party for her friends. So grown up.

I've been enjoying your blog very much.

God bless,

Christine said...

What a wonderful daughter. You are blessed!

I am artsy also! So I like gals like her. I live with a left-brain man and we get along just fine.

I taught at Ephiphany Catholic school and my husband and I were married there and my first born was born on Ephiphany.....and that special priest from that parish said the same thing about Zach. What a wonderful blessing from a priest. I tell Zach that story a lot!

Anonymous said...

Somebody seems to be forgetting a slight small fact on this story. This was at Saint Peter Channel and it wasn't just any priest, it was a visting ArchBishop.

Adds a little more to the story I think :)

Proud Father

Shelly said...

Well *somebody's* memory is just a tad bit better than some -- mine! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Tis True :)

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

MY artist says "That's a really good picture!". High praise! What's the name of that computer program?

Kayla said...

I did it on Corel Painters. It is a really cool program. I personally find it more user-friendly than photoshop.