Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Alert: Water Babies

Health Advisory:
Read this article about giving babies too much water to drink.


Regina said...

wow, who'd have thunk! thanks for the info

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show,

Just like Momma Spit for cleaning, nothing beats Momma Milk for eating (as a baby that is)

Regina said...

whoa, i just read the whole article and are people seriously doing this to avoid fat babies? come on people, fat babies are the only cute kind!
the article did say people were trying to avoid puppy fat on babies too which i agree with...i sure dont want sarah to have puppy fat-that would be weird- but baby fat, rolly thighs are the best!

Anonymous said...

Gotta Love the Chunk!!!

Shelly said...

i thought the same thing, Regina. Chunky bellies and thighs are the BEST!! We don't want obese children, but babies??!! Come on!